The back-end office operations staff are often the “heartbeat of the company”.  And, yet they have to work hand-in-hand with the field staff who are “out there – in it”.  If failures occur internally or externally, the whole snow event goes down the tubes – production suffers and the company has no cash-flow.  From those who are doing the scheduling, to those who are directing what happens in the field, to chasing down the data needed to invoice timely – it can be a real mess if the organization is not fully prepared.  It is integral to success that the back-office operations understand what occurs in the field.  The same pertains to the field staff as they should have exposure to what goes on in the office.  Neither group fully understands the challenges that occur to the other group.  Here we will hone organizational skills and problem solving, plus get in-depth about the right way to ask owners for more equipment (cost justification) and to get the field staff to properly integrate with those in the office.  If the field personnel don’t understand and realize the importance of streamlined office operations, all the work done in the field is for naught.  Poor communications can lead a company to poor cash management, poor record keeping, unacceptable management practices, field failures and unhappy customers.  This, in turn, can hurt a company’s ability to perform professionally in the eyes of its stakeholders, employees and customers.  Attendees of this combined External and Internal Ops Event will discuss HR issues as well as concerns surrounding service providers and their performance.  Training properly, overseeing equipment maintenance, dealing with the inevitable “holy crap” situation all while keeping a cool head and ensuring the paper flow is performed efficiently and with speed as well as efficiency is a skill set that support staff need to have.

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This event is being held at Snowfighters Institute's facility in Erie, PA. Hotel reservations must be made by July 17, 2017 by calling TownePlace Suites at (814) 866-7100. You have your choice between a king size or a 2 queen size mattress room. If you call, be sure to mention the Snowfighters Institute to get into the room block for $99.00 a night. You can also book your online group rate for the Internal Ops Event by clicking below.

We are combining our Internal and External Ops seminars this year for what is sure to be a spectacular event. We will cover training field crews to properly attack the snow event, training and guiding sidewalks crews appropriately, and much more.
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