The time of the “plow jockey” has passed. Today, we are Risk Managers tasked with keeping sites under our control safe for pedestrian and vehicular traffic. What is considered acceptable practice and what should be avoided as we keep sites safe. We all hear about documentation, but how much documentation can we do and is it enough to protect ourselves? What makes for a successful snow response plan for managing snow and/or ice on your site? Understanding what it is we do, how we do it, proper equipment and human resources allocation and attitude all are important – however, sometimes for different reasons. Did you know that rock salt doesn’t melt anything? So, why does it work? How much is enough – and how much is too much? What are the alternatives to salt, and when would we use them? We’ll talk about all of this along with examples of what you should, and should not do in this regard. Are you a PGMS Member? If so, you receive a special discount for this event. Make sure you choose the PGMS Member Registration Form for your Snow Training for Grounds Management registration form.

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This event is being held at Snowfighters Institute's facility in Erie, PA. Hotel reservations must be made by May 21, 2017 by calling TownePlace Suites at (814) 866-7100. You have your choice between a king size or a 2 queen size mattress room. If you call, be sure to mention the SnowFighters Institute to get into the room block for $99.00 a night. You can also book your online group rate for Snow Training for Grounds Management by clicking below.


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The Snowfighters Institute's Snow Training for Grounds Management Event is for all risk managers that are tasked with keeping sites under their control for pedestrian and vehicular traffic.
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